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While having a coach is optional in DCPS Persists, the excitement and benefits are undeniable! Elevate your college journey by opting for a coach and take that thrilling step closer to graduation.

If you already have a coach, you can find additional information about them and get in touch by visiting the “Meet Our Team” page!

Coaches can assist you with:

  • Learning how to navigate your college including class registration and how to access campus resources. 
  • Financial Aid Applications and Renewals such as FAFSA and DC Tag 
  • Securing funding for unexpected college expenses through DCPS Persists Microgrants & Emergency Funding 
  • Academic support, career exploration, goal setting, problem-solving, networking, and so much more! 

Don’t have a Coach, but want one? Contact us

We recognize the financial challenges that may arise while attending college. DCPS Persists provides two financial resources—microgrants and emergency funding—to help assist students with some of these expenses. 

44% of microgrant recipients indicated the ability to remain enrolled in college this year as a result of their needs being met.


WHAT: Microgrants are intended to assist students with expenses related to dorm living, transportation, textbooks, or any other essential need.

WHO: Only DCPS Persists students who are receiving coaching and are in their 1st or 2nd year of college are eligible for Microgrants.

HOW: Contact your Persists Coach

Emergency Funding

WHAT: Emergency Funding can be used for unforeseen circumstances, such as transportation home for emergencies, addressing a university hold preventing class registration, or other critical situations that may require immediate financial support.

WHO: ALL DCPS Persists students are eligible to receive Emergency Funding, even if you do not have a Coach.

HOW: See below