• Graduating DCPS High School Senior (Class of 2024)
  • Attending a Community College, 4-Year College/University, or Taking a Gap Year with plans to start college next year
  • Attend Persists Orientation
  • Register by the Priority Deadline of June 15th

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DCPS Persists Recruitment Application

Thank you for your interest in DCPS Persists! Persists is a free alumni program dedicated to helping you succeed in college and beyond by offering a range of events, workshops, and resources to you and your family. Interested students can also be paired with a Persists Coach for 1:1 academic, financial, and personal guidance during the first two years of college. Through this initiative, DCPS aims to boost college graduation rates for DCPS alumni. We are excited for you to join us!

Student Acknowledgement

I acknowledge as part of program participation DCPS will have access to the following information:

  • Grades
  • Transcript information
  • Registration and enrollment
  • Financial Aid Information
  • Student Billing
  • Surveys administered by DCPS to students (qualitative data as well)

I acknowledge Voluntary Nature Participation in the program and may revoke participation in writing, should I wish to discontinue. Discontinuation of participation will result in the ineligibility of DCPS Persists Coaching and grants. 

By providing a mobile phone number, I understand that DCPS Persists may occasionally send me text messages related to recruitment, advising, registration deadlines, financial aid, etc. I can opt-out by texting STOP if I no longer wish to receive text messages.

I acknowledge Outcomes are Not Guaranteed. Persists coaches will work with participating students to help them progress and graduate, but DCPS cannot guarantee any specific outcomes as a result of participating in the program. 

While DCPS Persists Coaches may liaise with college departments on behalf of participating students, Coaches cannot make decisions on behalf of students. Success and attainment of desired outcomes is ultimately the responsibility of the student. 

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Media Release

I hereby grant permission to DCPS Persists, to use, including to display publicly or to perform, the above-named person's image, likeness, or voice recording on the DCPS Persists website or in any other official DCPS Persists publications without further notice or compensation. I hereby consent that any such image, likeness, or voice contained in photographs, recordings, and tapes are the property of DCPS Persists, which shall have the right to print, reprint, publish, copy, vend, perform or represent publicly, or create derivative works based on and using the image, likeness, or voice depicted in such photograph, film, or sound recording as it may desire free and clear of any claim whatsoever on my part or the part of the above-named person.

I also understand that once the above-named person's image, likeness, or voice recording is published on a website, it can be downloaded by any computer user. Personal information, such as full name, addresses and telephone numbers will never be published. If a person’s name is used with a photograph, film, or sound recording, it will be in the form of a first name and last initial. For example, student Jane Doe may be listed as “Jane D.” Therefore, I agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless DCPS Persists, its officers, employees, agents, successors and assignees (the “Indemnified Parties”) from and against any and all claims and liabilities resulting from this publishing.

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