DCPS Alumni currently supported by DCPS Persists
Awarded in Microgrants and Emergency Funds to DCPS Persists students to help with college expenses since 2020

What is DCPS Persists?

DCPS Persists is a transformative college success program specifically designed for graduates of DC Public Schools. Our commitment is to help students make the transition from high school to college graduation and beyond. We provide unwavering support to our students throughout their college journeys, focusing on cultivating resilience and determination that ultimately leads to successfully graduating from college. DCPS Persists serves as a dedicated community offering a range of resources, mentorship opportunities, and workshops to empower our students at every stage of their academic and personal growth. Through personalized guidance, financial aid assistance, and the sharing of valuable experiences, DCPS Persists strives to ensure that each graduate’s college experience is not only successful but also enriching and fulfilling.

What Our Students Are Saying