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College success starts here.

DCPS Persists is an alumni program that provides DCPS students with a support network to succeed in college.

Who We Are

Welcome to DCPS Persists, a program dedicated to empowering and supporting graduates of DC Public Schools on their journey through higher education. At DCPS Persists, we believe in the potential of every student, and we’re here to provide the guidance and resources you need to succeed in college and beyond. Whether you’re navigating the transition from high school, exploring career possibilities, or seeking personalized support, DCPS Persists is your ally. Discover more about our program and the ways we can assist you on your path to success. Your journey to a fulfilling college experience begins with us!

Why It Matters

DC Public Schools aims to see more students not only enroll in college but also secure meaningful and rewarding careers. Recognizing that while many DCPS students start the college journey, some encounter difficulties staying in college and completing their degree. DCPS Persists is here to bridge the gap between high school and college, offering tailored guidance, resources, and unwavering support to ensure that each student not only enters college but successfully graduates, equipped with the tools for a prosperous future.

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What we do

Workshops &
Career Support

Access to tailored workshops and ongoing career support to enhance your skills, explore career possibilities, and prepare for a successful future beyond college.

Coaches in
Your Corner

Personalized support from experienced coaches who are dedicated to guiding and empowering you throughout your college journey

Microgrants & Emergency Funding

Expert guidance to navigate the complexities of scholarships and financial aid, helping you make informed decisions about funding your college education

Financial Aid & Scholarship Assistance

Financial assistance readily available to address unexpected college expenses, ensuring that financial barriers don’t hinder your path to success.

Within Reach

Opportunities to build meaningful connections within the DCPS Persists community and beyond, fostering valuable networks for academic and career growth.