A support network for DCPS alumni, to college and beyond

DCPS Persists is an alumni program that provides students a support network to succeed in college. DCPS Persists helps you make the transition from high school to your first day in college and until college graduation. 

All DCPS alumni, no matter your graduating year, can sign up to receive Forever DCPS, a monthly email newsletter that shares highlights of what’s happening at DC Public Schools and ways for you to stay involved.

Coaches in your corner

DCPS alumni are matched with Coaches who help their students make the transition to college and find out what academic, financial, and other resources are available on your new college campus. Coaches work with students for the first two years of college to build the knowledge and self-advocacy skills that support you until graduation.

DCPS Persists Coaches are matched with students based on their college, so Coaches get to know the place students are studying to help you get the best out of your college experience. Each DCPS Persists Coach has years of experience working with high school and college students.

Even if you’re not matched with a Coach, all DCPS alumni are invited to workshops and events throughout the year and can sign up for Forever DCPS, our newsletter for the DCPS alumni community.